Friday, January 12, 2007

10 Ways to Save Money on your Wedding

According to, an average wedding in Los Angeles costs about $32,400 for 2007. No matter what the budget or size of your wedding, there are always ways to save money and time! Here are 10 simple ways to maximize your time and bottom line.

  1. Work with a wedding consultant. Any wedding consultant that is worth working with has a wonderful database of vendors. Many times, we have relationships set up with our preferred vendors because we always bring them repeat customers. Not only do we recommend them, but we know that they are ready, capable, and professional!

  2. Have your wedding during a "slow time" of the season. The busy part of the wedding season is usually May through October (depending on your location). Many vendors have discounts or lower rates for the "off season." Also, consider having your wedding on any day other than a Saturday. Sundays are beginning to be a popular day to have weddings since the cost is much less than a Saturday.

  3. Be realistic. Sometimes people want to take on projects themselves because they think it will save money. While this is sometimes true, they forget about the time and dedication it takes to prepare these things. After buying supplies, they realize they didn't get around to it and end up ordering whatever it was they planned on making. We've also seen situations where people attempt a project with good intentions, but it didn't come out the way they planned. Make sure you think about whether you do have the time to do the things you commit to. There are many things that are going on at the same time, but if you can do it yourself, by all means do it! Also, you have your wedding consultant to help you!

  4. Plan ahead. If you plan in advance, it will save time, stress, and money! When it's too close to your target date and you need something soon, there is always an extra cost -- a rush fee, an overnight fee, etc. If you plan ahead, you won't have unneeded expenses.

  5. Decide on what's most important. Invest the money in what you feel is most important. Talk to your fiance and discuss which parts of the budget you want to spend and save.

  6. Limit your host bar to 1 to 2 hours. There are even some locations that include a 1-2 hour host bar in some of their packages. If you limit that time you will not only save money, but also possibly keep your guests safe from drunk driving.

  7. Save on postage.If at all possible, personally deliver your invitations. This will not only save the cost of stamps, but will also give you an opportunity to catch up with friends and family and let them congratulate you in person.

  8. Organize your guestlist. I don't advise people to cut their list, but I always have people organize and break their list down into 3 categories -- a.) Those who must be invited, b.) Those who should be invited, and c.) Those who would be nice to invite. This will not only keep you well organized, but also figure out how many people are in each category and will help with your final count.

  9. Get a block rate for out of town guests. Usually hotels are happy to do this for you as long as you do it in advance and they have availability. Also, they might have a wedding package available; for example, if you block a certain amount of rooms, you can get yours for free or updated to a suite for no extra charge.

  10. Save on attire. There are many ways to accomplish this. If your soon-to-be husband doesn't want to purchase a tuxedo, go to a rental place that offers a "free groom's tuxedo" special. If you don't want to purchase a designer or couture gown, go to an outlet store or on Ebay and purchase your gown there.

Good luck and happy planning!


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